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30 Best Youtube Video Ideas to start your channel


So hello Friends, Today In this article we are with you to tell you “30 Best Youtube Video Ideas to start your channel“.If you are going to start a youtube channel then you should have the ideas to make new videos to take your channel to great heights. We are with you to tell some video ideas to start your youtube channel that will inspire you.

Some Youtube Video Ideas

1. Introduce Yourself

Who are you? What do you do? What’s the first thing people should know about you? This is the video where you answer those questions.

2. Make A Response Video

Did another YouTuber make an opinion video? Maybe you disagree, and you’d like to make that known. Response videos are more likely to be seen than a random comment, and yours might just pick up steam for you and your channel!

3. Start A Vlog

Vlogs are popular. Basing your channel entirely on vlogs won’t do you well in the long run (in most cases), but starting with a vlog will give your fans something to look back on later, to see how you got your start.

4. An Opinion Video

Opinions. Hot political debate? Think Final Fantasy VII is overrated? Go ahead and say it!

5. Review Something!

Take a product or show or episode or movie or something and review it. People like hearing what other people think about things, especially if they’re on the fence about buying or seeing something.

6. What’s On My Phone?

Everyone has apps on their phone, but no two phones are the same. What apps do you use, and why?

7. Favorite Songs

What’re your favorite songs? Making videos showcasing your favorite songs can be a hoot, especially if it includes you doing a cover of Free Bird. Trust us on this one. (Don’t.)

8. Favorite Movies

What’re your favorite movies? Talk about your favorite movies and why they are what they are- this is a great way for people to get to know you. Mine’s Hot Fuzz.

9. Favorite Sports

What’s your favorite sport? Discussing a favorite sport can establish a quick relationship with the viewer, especially if it’s something as popular as Basketball or Football.

10. Favorite TV Shows

Do you love Atlanta? Watch it if you haven’t. But also, talk about your own favorite TV shows!

11. Make A Comedy Skit

People on YouTube love to laugh, and chances are you’re no different. Grab a camera and some friends to make something funny happen!

12. Make A Haul Video

Just got back from the mall and want to show off all your swag? Go right ahead and do that with a haul video. The bigger, the better!

13. Show Off A Collection

Collect bottlecaps, baseball cards or vintage postal stamps? Showing off a collection of items you hold near and dear can make a good impression on your viewers.

14. Parody Another Video

Saw a video that resonated with you? Might as well make fun of it.

15. Sing A Song

Sing a song, any song! Just don’t try and monetize it.

16. Show A Fun Day With Friends

“Friend videos” are popular on YouTube, especially if made well, because they make viewers feel like they’re a part of a group. If you can take a camera along on a day out with friends and do some good editing, your viewers will feel like they were out there with you!

17.  Give A Tour Of Your Room

A person’s room says a lot about them. Clean yours up before you do this so they don’t know how lazy you are.

18. Give A Tour Of Your Hometown

People don’t consider this often, but on the macro scale, not a lot of people live in your hometown. The ones that do and happen to be on YouTube probably haven’t made videos highlighting it, but you may well be sitting on a goldmine of interesting stories to tell. So do it!

19. Show Off Your Prized Possessions

Have a memorial of a deceased family member, or a plush toy you’ve had since you were a kid? Show it off, and tell us the story behind it.

20. Do A Product Review

Product reviews are always cool. Go for a formal approach with these, and try and properly tag/describe/title it, so people looking for reviews on that product can easily find yours.

21. Make A Channel Intro

Make a quick channel intro that outlines the kind of thing you’ll be doing on your channel. It’ll need to be unlisted so people don’t stumble on it, but once you start making more videos, you can have your channel intro on your channel page to earn you a few subscribers.

22. Talk About Your Favorite Albums

Everyone has a favorite album. What’re yours?

23. Make A Reaction Video

This is different from a response video, mind. Response videos are videos responding to other videos- reaction videos focus on a specific reaction to an event/video/whatever. If you’ve watched Fine Bros, you know what we mean.

Gaming First YouTube Video Ideas

24. Post Raw Gameplay

Raw gameplay is just footage of you playing a game, with no real editing or additions on your part. It’s dull, but sometimes it’s what people are looking for. Keep reading for some better YouTube video ideas.

25. Post Cutscenes

Other times, people might want to see the story bits of a video game without playing the actual game. That’s cool. Record and post the cutscenes for them to browse! The quicker you are to this after a game’s release, the better.

26. Start A Walkthrough

Walkthroughs are cool. It lets people watch how you learn and experience the game, as well as how to get past certain challenges they may not be able to figure out on their own.

27. Show Off A Speedrun

A speed run is a full playthrough of a game done as quickly as possible, often skipping many levels to reach the game’s ending. A popular example can be seen by using the Warp Zones in Super Mario Bros to get to the last Worlds quickly.

28. Review A Game

People spend actual money on video games. Because of this, they might want to know about a game before they buy it- so feel free to make game reviews! You’re helping out your fellow gamers by doing so, and may get some popularity if you have a good rep.

29. Discuss Gaming Trivia

Sometimes, gaming is about the little things. Where did Mario get his name? What’s the last level of Pac-Man? Find interesting gaming trivia to present and share!

30. Make A Tutorial For Advanced Mechanics

Many games have advanced mechanics that are difficult for newcomers to learn. Make a video demystifying these, if you know how to do them!


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