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Best Antivirus softwares you should have in 2019


Nowdays , the risk of harmfull viruses coming into the computer has been increased that can destroy your computer,by increasing technology the risk of these viruses and malwares coming in the computer has been increased. But as there are many viruses there are also many ways to protect your computer/pc forom these viruses.We have come across to tell you about the methods to prevent your computer from hacking,Some of these are antivirus softwares which can protect your computer from many viruses, malwares and hacking and also the risk of bad viruses comed from downloads from unkown sources.So , I am gonna tell you about some of these amazing antivirus softwares that will make your computer/pc fully secure…

  • Avast free antivirus

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Avast Free Antivirus is a quality free antivirus service on our list and a contender which wants to cover all bases when it comes to containing malware threats. It wants to charm you from the outset: its setup will give you an unprecedented level of control over the features that you want to install, down to the smallest module. At the time of installations burdened with bloatware, Avast does not want to force you to pick any option, leaving the decision to you instead. A refreshing small step in the right direction.

Surely, all the components of a modern-day antivirus system can be found here as well. Real-time detection engine acts as a shield which identifies and neutralises malware before it manages to penetrate your defenses. It works in pair with web filtering engine which will rigorously prevent you from accessing malicious content hidden behind dangerous links, while suspicious files can be easily submitted for cloud scan. An additional superb feature is Avast’s Wi-Fi inspector which allows you to detect devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and check the status of your hardware.In addition to this, Avast can scan your PC for obsolete software, performance and registry problems, missing patches etc. While this may sound useful, the free version will simply waste its time on this, as it can only point to a problem, not resolve it. The reason for this is the fact that these additional features are left for the paid version of Avast – make sure you disable these scans within the settings to avoid burdening your antivirus needlessly.at the same time.
At the same time, Avast will happily coexist with any competing antivirus product you may have installed, giving you the option to run it in Passive Mode i.e. with real-time protection disabled. If you keep it on (why shouldn’t you?), you’ll be rewarded with a reasonably great level of performance which, considering the product’s price, safely places it among our favorites for 2019.

  • Trend micro Antivirus+ security

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Just as indicated by its name, Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security is designed with an ambition to offer a “plus” level of security at the price which can easily beat its competitors. The list of main selling points of this antivirus service is topped by an antispam layer which offers excellent performance, followed by a quality anti-ransomware module.
Yet, the antivirus engine itself can be a bit too agile, with test results showing above-average rate of detected false positives. Yes, this can be bothersome for some, but it is still better than sleeping on the job when it comes to virus detection.
Skeptics will be quick to point to sporadic performance issues Trend Micro Antivirus may have after prolonged use, but our detailed analysis has shown that this does not go beyond what one can expect from Bitdefender’s solution, for example. At the same time, this product is highly competitive in terms of its detection performance, particularly when we compare it to its price. Yet, just like in the case of other paying antivirus services, you are invited to run a trial before reaching for your wallet,but this one gets our thumbs-up as one of the stronger antivirus services in 2019.
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019
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 Bitdefender is a stalwart among the antivirus software and its Antivirus Plus 2019 is a product which goes beyond being merely “competent”. For the stated price, you get more than you ask for in terms of features. First of all, Bitdefender is well-known for its reliability in terms of zeroing in on any potential threat to your PC.
It is armed with robust web filters that prevent access to suspicious websites, while its secure browser will make any web shopper sigh with relief knowing that transactions can now be completed without malicious interference.
In this year’s edition, Bitdefender fortified its antivirus package with ransomware protection that identifies malicious behavior on time and prevents you from falling victim to this increasingly dangerous threat. Its already powerful antivirus detection engine is assisted by anti-phishing module and robust password manager which will make leaving your credit card number a stress-free affair.

For all of its advanced features, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 can be a bit of a resource hog which will sporadically chip away at your PC’s performance. If you have a powerful rig or you are not bothered by this, you are well advised to put your system behind the Bitdefender’s shields right now.


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