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Interesting google features you should know


Interesting google features you should know

Do you know ? google has many interesting facts/features that you should know.There are many fantastic hidden features of google you should know and if you wan’t to amaze your friends by showing some of these features of google so, we are here to tell you some of those interesting features of google . so are you interested in knowing some of the features of google, so let’s start 

  • Find my phone on googleImage result for find my phone

Find My iPhone & Android Phone is the essential tracking feature of google for anyone who has experienced the stress, worry, and inconvenience associated with a lost or stolen device. What’s more, it’s free for iPhone, and Android!
Tracking your iPhone & Android has never been easier. Using this state-of-the-art GPS tracker, you can instantly:
• Find a lost, stolen or missing device whether it belongs to you, your spouse or your child
• Keep tabs on a lost or missing device with real time location updates. When the missing or stolen phone is moved, its position is updated instantly on the app’s map and our website.
• You can even track & locate Android tablets, or an iPad
It’s app secures this data and displays the whereabouts of your cell on the app’s map. From there, it’s easy for you to retrieve the lost device.
Note: For the tracking feature to function, the app must be installed on the iPhone or Droid you’re looking for. Once you’ve installed the app on your iPhone, or Android Phone, simply log into google. You’ll see a pin on the map showing the location of your phone. The map also features directions to the device’s exact location. Another key feature is real time updates on both the app and the website. You’ll see the map instantly updated whenever the device moves.
Also, you can see where your Android has been throughout the day, using the location history feature. As the Droid is moved, we track it. Later, you can just open the app and find out where it has, and where it hasn’t, been

  •  Set a timer

Related image

    you can also set up a timer or can use stopwatch on google without any app ,by just searching on Google “Set a timer”.

    •  Atari Breakout


    search for “atari breakout” in google Images and then you will be redirected to this  game 
    •  Map of mars

    Image result for map of mars google

    you can see the clear view of mars map by just going to the link:
    •  Google maps
    Go to Google Maps. Click on the satellite view and zoom out as much as possible. You can see an amazing view of earth with real time shadows. You can see real time clouds if you zoom in twice. Pretty amazing, right?

    •  Offline game 

    Image result for offline game on google

    Google has added an endless runner game into Chrome Canary, in which you attempt to survive as a cute T-Rex dinosaur by jumping over cacti. The game is only accessible when the browser detects you’re offline, on the ‘Unable to connect to the Internet’ error page. It’s completely hidden unless you know where to look.


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