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Top 4 best prank call websites to prank your friends


Today I’ve come with the topic of best 10 prank calling websites. Nowadays,  many people call friends, family etc by making prank calls in India. If you are also trying to make your friends prank call you should know about some prank calling websites that are free of cost as there are many websites which makes prank calls by asking for money, so it’s difficult to find the websites that make prank calls for free. So, we have made a list of free prank calling websites and before sawing the list,you should check the criteria that how these websites work.

How do Prank Call websites work?

A prank call website works much similar to the VOIP apps like Skype. When you dial a number through the prank call sites, it passes through an IP gateway that transmits the data from the internet to the phone networks. So, most companies are adopting this technology to make the channel between landlines and VOIP uncertain.

 1. Wakeruper: Using a callback service

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Another method people use to make prank calls on the Internet is by using one of the many free callback services that have sprung up all around the Internet ever since free VOIP calling became viable and popular. One of those is Wakerupper, which is a lot like the automated prank call sites above that used a digitized voice, except with this site you can schedule the call at some point in the future. While the service was intended as a tool people can use to schedule birthday wishes or to remind yourself about an important appointment, obviously, it can also be used as a free prank call website that lets you schedule exactly when the call will be placed. This is perfect if you have friends who are on different time zones and really don’t want to fire off an Internet prank call and wake them up at two in the morning. There’s funny, and then there’s just plain rude.

2. PrankDial

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PrankDial contains a wide range of pranks that can be sent to your friends and family members to have fun. The site lets you choose a prank and send it to a person for free. In return, you can laugh at their reactions and have some fun moments. You can search and browse for pranks from its large database of fun clippings. To send a prank to your friend’s number, simply enter his/her phone number and an alias number using any country code and click Send to push the video to their mobile number. You need to record the call for sending the prank call. You can avail some additional calling features like ad-free calling, prank history, non-chargeable calls, and calls after 10PM, extra recording time, international calls, etc. by buying or earning tokens.

3. EasyPrank

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EasyPrank is one of the prank dial websites that offer a range of hilarious and funny calls. You can send a prank for free and use any anonymous or unknown number to make the call. You can also view the clipping of the call before sending it to the person. Like the other prank call websites, EasyPrank does not offer any caller ID spoofing feature, instead, you can use an anonymous number for directly making the calls. The site avoids the complexity of making the calls and give you the convenience to do it as you like.

       4. Foxycall

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Foxycall is another website that lets you prank call your friends from your computer. The site allows calling and sending texts from an anonymous number. It also gives you the option to spoof your caller ID and text from any Sender ID, as well as modify your voice and record the calls. You can easily mask your phone number and use any other number to give a prank phone call. The website is currently in beta stage and allowing to avail all these features on invitation only.


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